Interview with Tracy Apps

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Tracy will be presenting how to not design like a developer on Saturday
in the Design track

Tracy, aka tapps, has been working with WordPress since before it was WordPress… and yes, apps is really her last name (because I know you were wondering).

Her formal training is in traditional art and print design, however she first started teaching her self web development in 1996 (back in the heyday of tiled background graphics and animated GIFs).

Tracy now owns Tracy Apps Design, a web creative company specializing in custom WordPress solutions for clients of all sizes.

When Tracy isn’t working on making the web a more beautiful place, you might find her playing drums/percussion with various musicians around Milwaukee, or lifting heavy things in CrossFit.


Why do you use WordPress?
Because WordPress is my bitch, of course.

But no, seriously… no other CMS i have worked with is as 1) pretty 2) functional and 3) easy to understand.

What would you say to convince someone to attend a WordCamp?
WordCamp is where cool people meet and talk about cool things. Don’t you want to be cool like all us?

What is your favorite WordPress project you have worked on recently?
Oh I have so many, but probably one of my more recent sites, would be among my favorites, just because i got to really push a lot of bounds from your traditional WordPress template. I also did the photography, so it was fun to have a greater control on the creative of the site, since the site is very photo driven.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start or grow a WordPress based business?
Don’t ever stop learning. Technologies change at a rapid rate, so being able to provide clients with the most efficient and cutting edge solution requires putting in the leg-work to be successful. Plus, it can really save a lot of extra work and headache in the future if you can provide the most clean and streamlined solution the FIRST time! (plus have happier clients)

What is your favorite WordPress-related resource?
the google

Tell us something awesome about yourself that is not WordPress related
I can deadlift 265lbs.