Learn More About Our Saturday Activity Hour


On Saturday we’ll have 2 hours for lunch between speaker sessions! There’s time to explore the city and chat with new friends and still have time for lunch, or participate in one of our organized activities.

Networking lunches

Join a small group of attendees who share your interests at a local restaurant. Discussion to be lead by one of our amazing speakers. Choose from:

  • Non-profits: How WordPress can help your mission. At Tamarind, led by Hilary Fosdal.
  • Education: how to use WordPress for teaching. At Plymouth Restaurant rooftop, group leader TBA.
  • Development. At Plymouth Restaurant rooftop, group leader TBA.
  • Plugins. At Plymouth Restaurant rooftop, group leader TBA.
  • Themes. At Plymouth Restaurant rooftop, group leader TBA.

Architecture walking tour

After the fire of 1871, Chicago had to rebuild from the ground up. Innovations in technology and design made it the birthplace of modern architecture. Join Emily Barney and Clare Parkinson for a walking tour of architectural history from the old-school masonry of the Monadnock block to Mies Van der Rohe’s minimalist Federal Building. We’ll be getting boxed lunches from CafeCito – orders will be taken at sign-up.

Please note, for all organized lunches:

  • Space is limited, first come, first served.
  • Sign up at registration when you arrive in the morning.
  • All participants are responsible for the cost of their own lunch.

Lightning talks

In the Engineer (Loop/River) Room. John Havlik, Brian Busche, and Joel Bronkowski will give 10-minute talks about their experience and current projects.

Looking For Work/Looking To Hire Meetup

Looking for a new gig? Looking for new players to add to your team? Meet and mingle in the Lounge (Multimedia) Room for job-related networking. You’ll be able to indicate whether you’re looking to work or looking to hire with a specially colored sticker.